Childish Love X One Love

Childish Love X One Love is founded by Jing Lu and collaborating with Morning Star Foundation to help the orphans most in China and Uganda.

About Morning Star Foundation

Morning Star Foundation exists to help abandoned and needy children with severe heart disease in China, and Uganda.

Our projects include a foster home in China, started in 2008, for orphans with complex heart defects, as well as our family preservation program – our Love Project – operating in China, and Uganda.  The Love Project was launched in April 2013 in both China and Uganda.

The Love Project seeks to preserve the family unit by preventing medical abandonment, effectively stopping the orphan care crisis at its very root. Many children in China and Uganda are orphaned, not due to a lack of love, but merely a lack of resources. We partner with parents to fund the heart surgeries that their child desperately needs and see them through their journey home – hearts healed and hope restored.

At Morning Star, we believe that every child is worth the risk. We choose love, we live with joy, and we believe that hope should always always be given the chance to shine.

Morning Star Foundation is registered with the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit and our Tax ID number is: 27-0413006


With every purchase from you, Childish love takes out 10% of profit to helps those orphans have a better care.

We genuinely thank you for your support and love.


You can visit Morning Star Foundation official website at :   for more information.